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ACT/SAT Testing Schedule for 2019-20


By: Andrea Reinhardsdottir

College Board has released its ACT/SAT testing schedule for the 2019-20 school year

with the first SAT being held on August 24, and the first ACT on September 14.


Costs for the SAT is $49.50 to $64.50, and $52.00 to $68.00 for the ACT.

The late registration fee for the SAT and the ACT are an extra $30.00, to change the

test date it will cost $30.00 for the SAT, and $32.00 for the ACT.

College Board administers the tests on a bimonthly basis, and students have no limits

on the number of times they take any of the available tests.

The difference in the costs of tests is due to an additional charge for the tests that

include a writing component.

Information on registration, testing sites, and subject area tests can be found at,, and


Additional information regarding test scores, additional fees, and alternate registrations is at and


Dates update constantly.





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