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Special Edition: Back to School


Many high school students across the country and the world are actively contemplating the pursuit of a college education. As the world has undoubtedly changed, so have the ways that prospective college freshmen think about college.


Dr. Weider, a professor at Liberty University, explains his perspective. “High schoolers tend to think that college will be exactly like high school, only a little harder. Or if they get

all As in high school, they will get all As in college. This is not true.”


He goes on to say, “College is a... Read More

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In the world of online schooling and remote-schooling, it can be easy to fall off track with your courses and assignments; it takes much self-discipline to succeed. Having control in your life and school is essential to flourishing in the new environment.

It is essential to make your own goals and deadlines. To do that, you can make two types of goals: long term and short term. Your long-term goals include when... Read More


Many individuals worldwide associate the word “revolution” with somber, if noble, connotations, such as the upheaval of tyrannies and bloodshed for a greater cause. However, bloodless changes of extreme importance exist. These revolutions are subtle yet powerful, trending around the globe and challenging long-accepted status quo.


The emergence of the Internet influenced nearly every aspect of life as humanity knew it, including education. Families from all backgrounds are choosing... Read More

Russia’s literature, rich in scope and history, is one of the clearest outlets into its cultural spirit. While many factors embody national traditions and beliefs, like religion and folk music, only literature captures the Russian soul through the written word. From folktales to timeless classics such as Anna Karenina, Russian authors represent their culture—and, by extension, the people’s identity—better than any textbook.


If literature reflects a country’s accomplishment in philosophy and the arts, then Russia is well-versed in both areas. Aleksandr Pushkin, often

dubbed “Russia’s Shakespeare,” was one of Russia’s most famous poets whose works are studied and respected as extensively as plays like Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet are in the United States.

Russians largely credit Pushkin as the father of their modern literature by introducing new literary forms and adding “an unprecedented number of...

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Living among the natural beauty of New Zealand inspires an individual to desire to keep those visual wonders for a lifetime, so photography becomes a necessity for those who are awestruck by what these island wonderlands offer their eyes.


New Zealand’s scenic wonders deserve better treatment than Snapchat selfies from a cellphone. Consequently, the desire to capture these breathtaking sights is driven to make a monetary investment in photography equipment, and a devotion of time to learn to use it to do justice to what these islands offer the... Read More

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