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Student Profiles

Many high school students have dreams about the life they want to lead after their graduation. One of those students is Jay Berrios, who is pursuing his dream by racing INEX cars at Sunny South Raceway in Grand Bay, Alabama. Jay has been a student with Sterling Academy since the fall of 2015 and is finishing his junior year. The asynchronous nature of the Sterling classes has allowed him to work his school progress into the demands of his…Read more

Elise Betts is a seventh grader at Sterling Academy. She searched around for the perfect online school to fit her schedule. She stated in a recent interview, “I chose Sterling Academy because when I was reading it seemed very welcoming and I could also talk to other students so I was very happy about that.” Elise has a goal to make the highest grades possible with the motivation to finish school early. Out of all the subjects she is…Read More

High school in the new millennium is nothing like we know from High School Musical or the musical, Grease. Among the challenges facing many students today are finding their classes disrupted by an overabundance of undisciplined students, a social environment that isolates people because of their different attitudes or personal struggles, and teachers who confront the various challenges of their students with indifference…Read More


As the entire cast wraps up the show with a curtain call, the audience roars with a standing ovation and the curtains begin to close. This might be the end of another show for Rosey Murrah. Rosey has thrown herself so deeply into her acting that sometimes the end of one play is just the signal for her to go across town to be part of another play. “As soon as the Harold and Maude run started, I started doing rehearsals for Seussical, and as soonRead More

From an early age I felt like an outcast in the world I lived. I wanted to read novels and play soccer, while most girls wanted to shop and go to cheer practice. I strived to blend in by wearing the same clothes, straightening my untamable hair, and laughing at things that were insignificant to me. Eventually, the lines were blurred, and I lost sight of what was important to me. I fell into thewrong crowd, searching for a sense of belonging. Among my “friends”, I felt alone. I wanted to hear...Read More

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