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What are Some Effective Habits for Test Taking at Sterling?

Miranda Rexhepi

Navigating high school exams can be daunting, but Sterling Academy equips students with tailored strategies. Discover the power of daily review, optimal study environments, and thoughtful test-taking approaches. Uncover how these methods pave the way for academic excellence and confidence in assessment situations.

High school courses may be challenging, especially when it comes to test-taking. Many high schoolers may choose to study the whole class unit at once, either alone or with a friend. Sterling Academy gives students the opportunity to choose a time that works best for them, which is beneficial because we have more time to study if we don't feel ready too soon. Here are three effective strategies to prepare for a test and get a good score.


Instead of studying the whole course unit in one day, review the lesson you complete in each class every day. This will allow you to remember what you learned in each subject. Also, you won't have to study lots of facts right before the test, only review what you already know. 


Another effective strategy for test prep is to find an appropriate study environment. Look for a place that is quiet and free of distractions. This gives you more ability to concentrate on what you are studying. Any interference such as loud noise or TV playing won't allow you to concentrate on your main focus. Chances are that you may even forget what you learned because you are paying attention to many things at once. For example, studying in your bedroom with a closed door may be the best choice. 


Finally, the last thing you want to do is take the test. Before doing so, you may want to ask yourself, "Do I feel ready for the test?", "Did I review all the units and remember what I learned?" "Did I do some research on information I did not understand, or got help from a teacher?" If one or more of your answers was no, then you should accomplish it by doing so. When you feel like you did all these, then you are ready to start the test. Once you are taking it, take your time to answer each question and review all your chosen answers at the end in case you made a mistake. If there are one or few questions you don't understand, skip those and answer the ones you know best. Then go back to the hard questions and use your knowledge of whatever you learned to make your best guess. Rushing through the test even if you think all your answers are right is not a good idea. You may end up choosing a wrong answer you didn't mean to. It's important to reread each question and double-check your responses to get a good grade. 


There are many ways to prepare for a class assessment, such as quizzes, tests, or exams. It's important that you don't leave much to study for the end and learn time by time so that way you have time to review the day before. It's also necessary that you study in a quiet place with no interruptions to keep you concentrated. Choose to take the test when you feel most ready. One most important thing when taking a test is to use all the time you have to reread your questions and answers. In conclusion, there are many effective strategies you can use before and during a test to get a good grade. 

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