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Why online learning at Sterling Academy is the best choice

Miranda Rexhepi

Discover the freedom of flexible scheduling with online learning at Sterling. Unlike traditional schools, where rigid timetables dictate your day, Sterling allows you to start school when it suits you best. Plus, accelerate your path to graduation and dive into your career sooner. Explore three compelling reasons why online learning at Sterling is the ultimate choice for academic success.

There are many benefits of learning online at Sterling compared to learning in person at a traditional school. Online learning gives students more time to catch up with school work and get ahead while in-person learning gives students a schedule that needs to be followed to stay on time with their classes. Here are three reasons why online learning at Sterling is the best choice. 


You don’t need to start and end classes at a specific time. For example, traditional schools give students a schedule of when to be in class, which means they need to wake up early to go to school and sometimes end up late due to car traffic, being tired, and other things that prevent them from arriving on time. This affects their learning because they might miss an important class or lesson and not learn much, affecting their grade for the course. At Sterling, you can choose to start school at a time that is best for you. For example, if you don’t catch up on a course one day after spending an hour on it, you might catch up on the other day and understand the course better. Also, unlike traditional schools that require you to finish school in 6-7 hours, Sterling gives you the opportunity to have extra school hours if you need more time.


Another benefit of online learning at Sterling is that if you are a fast-paced learner, you can graduate early and start a career sooner. Traditional schools end each school year in 10 months and students graduate from school, then start college by the time they are 18 to get a degree for their chosen major. Some careers might take longer depending on what the student chooses to study in college. Some students may decide to have a 2-year Associate’s degree, 4-year Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree, or even attend a specialized school to study something more advanced after college, which can take extra years. At Sterling, you can choose to get ahead of your courses and get your high school diploma at any age. For example, if you graduate high school at 14, you can finish college at 18 and even have time to get another degree if you want to change your mind about your career.


A third advantage of learning online at Sterling is that you have more time to take the required courses you need for college if you didn’t catch up in the previous years of high school. Many in-person schools don’t have the option to do that because students need to follow a specific course order by grade level. For example, if you want to get a college degree that has to do with computers or engineering, most colleges require experience in programming and coding in high school and higher-level math/science courses. There may be students who are in grade 12 who may have trouble picking a degree they want to study in college or might change their mind after working on the required courses for months. One example might be if a senior high school student chose to get a degree in education for teaching and had to take psychology in high school, has been working on that course for a few months, but then wants to study something different instead. In a traditional school, it would be difficult to change courses because the student has already earned a grade and would not catch up with a new course. At Sterling, you can choose to change a course anytime, even mid-year, giving you the opportunity to catch up with requirements before attending college to get any type of degree. 


Online learning has more benefits than learning in a traditional school in-person. At Sterling Online Academy, you have many more education opportunities not offered at other schools and more time to catch up with classes. Students can do school anytime, anywhere. You also have the opportunity to graduate sooner based on your learning pace and catch up with prerequisites for college. Students are given more time to study and have a video conference with teachers for assistance. Therefore, before deciding whether to choose online learning at Sterling, you should consider these benefits and how they will impact your class performance compared with traditional learning. 

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