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Elise Betts: A Seventh Grader With A Vision For The Future

Adan Barrera

Elise Betts, a seventh grader at Sterling Academy, balances her education with her family’s missionary work. Despite the uncertainties about her future college due to her nomadic lifestyle, Elise is dedicated to achieving high grades and finishing school early.

Elise Betts is a seventh grader at Sterling Academy. She searched around for the perfect online school to fit her schedule. She stated in a recent interview, “I chose Sterling Academy because when I was reading it seemed very welcoming and I could also talk to other students so I was very happy about that.” Elise has a goal to make the highest grades possible with the motivation to finish school early.


Out of all the subjects she is currently taking, Spanish is by far her favorite. Her favorite hobby of all is coloring. Elise has dedicated her life to traveling and missionary work. Sterling Academy gives her the academic freedom to keep her on schedule with her classes in between her busy calendar. She usually spends about six hours online each day with Sterling Academy for her coursework.


She is not sure which college she will attend due to her nomadic lifestyle. Once she is close to graduation, she will make the decision on which college to choose based on her location.


Elise and her family have dedicated their lives to being Christian missionaries. The church that they are associated with is non-denominational. Their family is recently returning from Manaus, Brazil. Their church normally does mission work along the Amazon River in Brazil. Since her family travels a lot due to the missionary work, she needed a school to fit her and her family’s dynamic needs.

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