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Technology student association

Reeva Lalani

Unleash your STEM superpowers! Gear up for exciting competitions, workshops, and leadership opportunities with the Technology Student Association. Build robots, solve problems, and network with peers in science, tech, engineering, and more. Regional, state, and national levels await! Join the TSA: where your future starts sparking.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a student-led national organization with headquarters in Reston, Virginia that offers exciting networking and competition opportunities through engaging STEM events and competitions. Students who may be interested have the chance to compete in event categories that include science, technology, engineering, career development, and math for awards that include first, second, and third place, along with honorable mention.


Regular competitions for each of the categories are scheduled for December (regionals), March (state), and June (nationals). Intervals between each event allow participants to prepare and improve their entries.

Members can choose areas of participation by registering with their advisor or coordinator. Once they have done this, they may form a team for a group event or prepare for an individual event. Additionally, members are provided an access link that details the steps to create and submit a project.


The TSA is normally organized through middle and high schools but can be joined individually. A chapter can be started at a school by proposing a chapter to the principal and speaking to a faculty member who might be interested in being an advisor. There is no charge to begin a chapter, but fundraisers are allowed in order to gather the resources necessary for the events.


If a school cannot meet the requirements of starting a chapter a student can submit an individual membership application or by joining a TSA chapter in their community, which should be approved by the state beforehand.

Students can get involved with the TSA with a $50 annual charge and additional participation charges of $50 for state competitions and $75 for regionals.


Members can earn opportunities to become officers within school chapters that will allow them to attend the State Leadership Conference (SLC) where significant decisions for the benefit of each chapter are made.

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