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Sterling Update 2021

Reeva Lalani

Sterling Academy upgraded their learning platform! Maestro now hosts classes, schedules, and data, streamlining communication with parents and offering Teams for video collaboration. Edgenuity courses remain, and eDynamic courses will move to Buzz soon. Everyone gets emails!

Sterling Academy moved from Canvas to Maestro Student Information Systems and Microsoft for Education to manage student access to their classes, student data, and communications between students and teachers on Monday, March 1. 

Maestro is central hub for the students to access current Edgenuity classes, keep track of classes completed and manage their personal data. Maestro will also allow teachers, students, and parents to communicate more efficiently. 

Parents will receive their own Maestro accounts allowing interactions between teachers and parents as they guide Sterling's students toward their academic goals. This feature did not exist with Canvas and will enhance student progress monitoring and communication. 

The change from Canvas to Maestro will not affect the Edgenuity curriculum, and it will accommodate the Microsoft for Education program that Sterling is adopting to enhance interactions between teachers, students, and their classmates. 

Microsoft for Education features Microsoft Teams, which allows for video meetings capabilities for all students and teachers in a uniform program. Students within classes will have direct access to their classmates, thereby open opportunities for collaborative learning. 

The technical capabilities for Microsoft Teams will allow students communicate across curriculum and build collaborative learning and social communities. 

The use of Microsoft for Education will enable all students, faculty, and staff to receive their own email accounts with

Another system change coming to the new program will be moving eDynamic courses, carried on Canvas, to Buzz. During the transition period, students with eDynamic courses will log into Buzz separately until it is implemented into the new Maestro format. 

Student data (contact information, signed forms, IDs) have been kept in separate databases up to this time; after the conversion, this information will be kept in Maestro. 

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