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The hour of code event

Adan Barrera

Sterling Academy's annual Hour of Code event happens December 7th, 4pm EST! Learn coding basics (language behind software, websites, etc.) in a fun, educational hour with teacher Mr. Maddox. Open to all grades, register by November 30th through your "Homeroom" course group "Hour Of Code — 2017."

The Hour of Code is coming up for Sterling Academy on December 7, 2017, at 4pm EST! Sterling Academy hosts the Hour of Code each year during one week in December. What is the Hour of Code? It is a way to learn the basics of what is involved in computer programming. Coding is a way to speak to the computer in order to give it commands; it is the language that a computer needs in order to make software, websites, games, and apps function. The picture above was something I created while coding on the Hour of Code website. After completing a short Hour of Code, this game became fully functional. It is fun and educational. The knowledge of coding is vital to nearly everything that we work on for school as a student.


The host for the Hour of Code for Sterling Academy will be Mr. Cory Maddox, a teacher at Sterling Academy. He is the teacher of the following courses: Digital Arts, Computer Applications: Office 2010, Microsoft Office Specialist, Computer Science I and Computer Science II. This is his fourth year as the host for the Hour of Code and looks forward to hosting this event and helping others learn coding.


Who is invited to participate in the Hour of Code event for Sterling Academy? Any Sterling Academy student that wishes to participate is invited. All grades within Sterling Academy are welcome. Registration is going on now so hurry because the window for registration ends November 30th.  


In order to register for this event, go to your “Homeroom” course on your Sterling website and click on “People.” Then, at the top of the page, click on “Groups.” Next, at the bottom of the page, there will be a group called “Hour Of Code — 2017." Lastly, to the right of the group called “Hour of Code — 2017,” there will have a button that you need to click called “JOIN.”


"I clicked on JOIN, what do I do next?" After registration period ends, Mr. Maddox will contact each student through Canvas with further instructions. Make sure to register early so you can have time to prepare for this event properly. To learn more, click here.


The Hour of Code is sure to be fun and educational. Register today!

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