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Sitting atop the tectonic plates that form North America and Eurasia, is the mysterious “Land of Fire and Ice”: Iceland. Iceland’s unique position has defined its beauty and danger from the beginning of recorded history. The plates that control its destiny cause the island to expand nearly one inch per year, this has created some of the most attractive but hazardous geologic phenomena known to the world.

Iceland’s global position has provided it countless unique wonders, among which are its constant shifts and movement. Read More..


The collapses of communism, and subsequently, the Berlin Wall are icons of the political upheavals that mark the 20th century, but in reality, the roots of that upheaval were planted in a techno pop cultural desire for individual freedom.


Techno pop is a type of electronic stylized music that was rapidly growing in popularity around the world in the 70s and 80s and was already considered a subculture in Berlin. As the Berlin Wall was demolished... Read More

Self Defense = Self Awareness

By: Mckinley Howard


The first rule of self–defense, which is taught in martial arts, such as Taekwondo, is to avoid the need for self–defense. By learning common awareness and diffusion tactics, practitioners will find avoiding confrontation all the easier.


Self–defense should be treated like using tools in a woodshop; you would not use a saw to cut a piece of paper, and self–defense is not used until lives are on the line... Read More

Just as the British Invasion molded the rock music culture through radio during the 1960s, social media is having the same impact on the world by allowing a focus on heretofore overlooked cultural phenomena. One such genre is K-pop. 

K-pop, or Korean Pop, has been the beneficiary of the resurrection of the Korean economy after the Asian Swoon of the late 1990s.  As the Pacific Rim countries experienced growing economies, through rapid industrialization, the disposable income of the general public helped to fuel the budding pop music genre.  K-pop began its growth in the early 1990s from influences of many...Read More