This stop-motion video, created by Sterling Student Scrolls' Artist Nicholas Lilov, was made to represent peace for September 21's International Peace Day, a United Nations-powered holiday.

International Peace Day is meant to celebrate the absence of war and violence and the strengthening of world peace. For 2022's theme for this holiday, the UN will be commemorating the theme "End Racism. Build Peace."

We hope that, on this day, you can look around and strive for peace in your community.

Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

Out of the world's 6,000 languages, there is one distinct language of mysteries and riddles made up of the soil and blooms that collapse at the weight of our feet: The language of flowers. Each of these flowers has a purpose of sending a secret message whereby one could combine it with other flowers to create a letter embellished with blooms of different hues and meanings, Read More...

Net Neutrality 

By: Abby McNeece 

April 21, 2020

​The ACLU drafted an article answering questions about net neutrality. In it, they make a comparison, telling, “Imagine if [a] phone company could mess with your calls — through bad connections or frequent dropped calls — when you tried to order pizza from Domino's because Pizza Hut is paying them.”  

There are many different pros and cons to net neutrality, but first, what is net neutrality? Read More...

The Untold Truth of the Peace Sign

By: Scarlet Anglesey

June 9, 2022

Image by Keira Johnson

Today, many turn towards freedom of expression, especially when living in a decade of dividing global dilemmas, such as political havoc, world isolation through pandemics, and international tragedy. The iconic peace sign is a factor of united tranquility during these times, representing order, societal harmony, and joint freedom. Or does it? Read More...

By: Scarlet Adele Anglesey

August 21, 2022

Whether a local or a tourist residing in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, one would know the same Maximón. Maximón is the utmost of all cultural identities in all 11 towns of the Lake Atitlán highlands, especially the most ancient village, Santiago, famous for a 30-year civil war and its cofradias. 

Thousands visit him in the cofradias, where people will find Maximón as a wooden statue or human-like replica, draped in traditional Myan clothing and smoking his iconic cigarettes. In these various rooms, one can experience Maximón and the Maximón faith. From either being a local taught this faith or a tourist researching it before a trip, many believe that Maximón heals others' sorrows or may respond to one's concerns. Read More...

By: Scarlet Adele Anglesey

July 22, 2022