The Effects of Covid-19 and Social Media on Mental Health

By: Reeva Lalani

People have become increasingly attached to their phones, especially since March of 2020. It used to be a fun escape, a way for people to talk to their friends. But until recently, most of our lives resolved around virtual interactions. It blurred the line between the digital world and the physical world. Many feel like they are lost in the virtual abyss of social media. 

The convenient invention of smartphones is ubiquitous: for virtually people, it is the way humans connect and communicate. Since Covid-19, our lives are essentially built on this idea of online communication. Once this treasure was discovered... Read More...


Sterling Update 2021

By: Reeva Lalani

Sterling Academy moved from Canvas to Maestro Student Information Systems and Microsoft for Education to manage student access to their classes, student data, and communications between students and teachers on Monday, March 1. 

Maestro is central hub for the students to access current Edgenuity classes, keep track of classes completed and manage their personal data. Maestro will also allow...


New Maestro student dashboard.png

Self Defense = Self Awareness

By: Mckinley Howard

The first rule of self–defense, which is taught in martial arts, such as Taekwondo, is to avoid the need for self–defense. By learning common awareness and diffusion tactics, practitioners will find avoiding confrontation all the easier.


Self–defense should be treated like using tools in a woodshop; you would not use a saw to cut a piece of paper, and self–defense is not used until lives are on the line. If caught in a situation where someone seems hostile... Read More...