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The Hour of Code is coming up for Sterling Academy on December 7, 2017, at 4pm EST! Sterling Academy hosts the Hour of Code each year during one week in December. What is the Hour of Code? It is a way to learn the basics of what is involved in computer programming. Coding is a way to speak to the computer in order to give it commands; it is the language that a computer needs in order to make software, websites, games, and apps function. The picture above was…Read More

Many people across the world are interested in learning a new skill such as playing a musical instrument. However, the obstacle that gets in the way is finding the time to do so. My name is Adan Barrera, and my family has started a music group. We first began during Christmas break because my brother and I received an electric guitar as a gift. Every Saturday morning, we continue to practice and improve our instrumental skills. Back then, my familyRead More

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