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Special Edition: COVID - 19


Amidst the pandemic that has reached virtually every corner of this world what exactly is being done to prevent this outbreak? Healthcare systems around the world are required to be prepared in the event that a pandemic occurs, but the courses of action for each system differs. The strategies that have been put forth from the variety of healthcare systems around the globe have shown to have different extents of effectiveness based upon the current situations that have emerged after the COVID-19... Read More


As scientists race to find a cure to COVID-19(Coronavirus), and with the death toll increasing every single day, many people wonder when this crisis will be over. While this is uncertain, a vaccine could be the first step in defeating this virus.


Although this will not be the case for the Coronavirus vaccine, the COCID-19 vaccine will be the fastest developed. Currently, the fastest developed vaccine is for mumps, which took four years... Read More


Economic progress has fallen sharply due to the rise of COVID-19. Businesses, schools, and other facilities have closed their physical doors as they shift to an increasingly online structure. As society adapts to a new normal, a new debate has been sparked on how the economy should safely reopen. 

The prospect of global economic prosperity amid a world crisis has been this source of heated debate over the last few months. Coronavirus has taken the lives of thousands of people across the world with the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions having a particularly higher risk of suffering complications and death from the virus ... Read More

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