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Sterling Academy is the Right Choice
By: Adan Barrera

February 3, 2018

Across the nation, students are being troubled by school schedules, safety issues, limited class choices, and mandatory state testing. My parents chose to take control of my education and get away from these above-mentioned problems by enrolling me into Sterling Academy.


The main two reasons why my parents chose to enroll me into Sterling Academy are the flexibility of my schedule and opting out of mandatory state testing. My parents found the added benefit of saving money when they chose Sterling Academy for my education. They no longer have to spend money on school uniforms, expensive shoes or book bags, events or fundraisers for a public school attendance, school supplies, and even gas money for traveling to and from school. This school has given our family the liberty to have more money and the ability to choose academic freedom. Since Sterling Academy is an online private school, mandatory state testing is not required. As far as flexibility, Sterling Academy gives the choice to work as quickly or slowly as needed for your schedule. Registration works with parents to choose the end dates for courses. It can be changed as situations come up. My parents now have the option to control how much progress I make during the school day.


In the public school system, safety is always on a parent’s mind. The real safety problems in public schools are bullying, violence, school shootings, kidnappings, and unsanitary facilities. As for bullying, I still remember being bullied at school when I was in first grade. There was a kid in my class and he hit my head on a concrete wall in the restroom. The teacher told me that he did not mean to do it. The kid did not get in trouble and I was the one that had to tell my dad what all happened. The teacher did not want to tell anyone. But by far the scariest thing that I have experienced, was when there was a criminal with a gun on the school grounds. He was trying to hide from the law so he ran into the school. He did not hurt me but I was really frightened that he might. Our class had to stay in the classroom with the door locked for a long time until the loudspeaker told us that it was safe to come out. The next week, the school put up a high fence around the school with a lock. This was very terrifying for me and my parents. If you want to keep your child safe from all of these harmful situations mentioned above, then you should choose to put your child in an online school. My parents chose to take action quickly so that I do not have to go through any more of those problems. I know that they made the right decision.


Sterling Academy offers a wide variety of elective classes that can be taken by middle school or high school students. If a middle schooler wants to take an elective that is for high school, they can earn credit early. The elective classes that are offered are foreign language, digital arts, technology and computers, engineering, health science and business. The foreign language classes offered are Chinese, German, Latin, French and Spanish. The digital arts classes offered are Digital Arts I and II, 3D Art I and II– Modeling and Animation. The Technology and Computer classes are Computer Applications: Office 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist, Computer Science I and Computer Science II. The Engineering Courses that are offered are Engineering Design I and II.  The Health Science courses offered are Health Science I, Health Science II, Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Medical Terminology. The Business courses offered are Marketing Essentials I & II, and Principles of Entrepreneurship I & II. As you can see, it is difficult to choose just a few.


Sterling Academy was the right choice for me and my family. I know that when you choose to take the next step and enroll your child at Sterling, you will be making the absolute right choice!

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