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College Board has released its ACT/SAT testing schedule for the 2018-19 school year with the first SAT being held August 25, and the first ACT on September 8. Deadlines and costs for the tests are July 27, and $47.50 to $64.50 for the SAT, and August 10 with charges of $46 to $62.50 for the ACT. College Board administers the tests on a bimonthly basis, and students have no limits on the number of times they take any of the available tests. The difference in the costs of tests…Read More

A persistent question that faces students as they are beginning to plan their lives after high school, especially if they are planning to go to college, is which college entrance exam to take: the ACT or the SAT? According to the Princeton Review, the scores from both tests are crucial for college-based admissions and merit-based scholarships. All colleges and universities accept both the ACT and the SAT; students do not have to take both tests. Differences exist between…Read More

Sterling Academy’s Hour of Code, held December 7th, featured Mr. Cory Maddox explaining job opportunities of coding and how one could profit by going into a career that mandates coding as a job skill. Sterling Academy offers Computer Science I and II classes to help students in grades 6 through 12 learn how to code. According to Melinda Gates in “Blurbs and Useful Stats: Some Shocking Statistics USA,” from the December 10 issue of Computer Science…Read More

Research was once contained in libraries and required a working understanding of the card catalog. The growth of the Internet, however, has given students the ability to reach the world from their worktables. With the availability of information from the Internet, students are open to investigate information that may not agree with a textbook narrative. Original documents, writers and researchers, that were once blocked by the narrow media filters can now be…Read More

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