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Sterling Academy 2020 Staff Update

By: Melody Hansford

The student website at Sterling Academy was founded by an aspiring group of Sterling Academy students in the June of 2017. Our platform has grown since then and has now become a source for student collaboration as well as for the expression of ideas.

The team members of the student website team are all students at Sterling Academy. They hail from countries all over the world, and all have contributed their time either through writing, editing, or taking photos for the Sterling Scrolls website.

Our student website’s core mission is to be a medium for student unity and school spirit. Each person on the team works to meet deadlines as they take on the most pressing issues in today’s society. Our student website intends to depict the realities of our world, as well as to provide a creative outlet for those interested in showcasing their art or photography.

Principal J Lee Harshbarger, whose office is in Ypsilanti, Michigan, took the steps to make the website a reality after Connor Jacobsen, a freshman from Sacramento, California, expressed interest in creating one on the student chat line with the school. After Mr. Harshbarger followed up with a solicitation on Connor’s interest, he received an abundance of volunteer support from Sophia Kindel, a freshman from Scottsdale, Arizona; Leona Kim, a senior from Busan, Korea; Adan Barrera, a seventh grader from Panama City, Florida; Elise Betts, a seventh grader from Charleston, South Carolina; Sara Ryman, a sophomore from Ashland, Pennsylvania; Adam Fletcher, an eighth grader from Alberta, Canada; Zoe Raymond, a junior from Orange County, California; Hailey Wallett, a junior from Ocala, Florida; and faculty member Bob Strodtbeck from Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Harshbarger said the school website should help students feel connected in a community, rather than isolated in their homes.

“For future students, when they see what's on our student website, it helps them have a sense of what our students are like and the sense of community we have…so this would be something special for us — potential students could feel a connection with us and want to join.”

Melody is a high school student at Sterling Academy. She is from a small country town in Virginia. She joined the student website team to make a difference in her school and to have a creative outlet. She is a writer who is interested in interpreting complex issues in today's world. Melody likes to study biology and listen to informative podcasts in her free time.

Melody's Photo-1.JPG

Desmond is in the 10th Grade and is the editor for the Sterling Student Scroll. He joined the website team to practice his skills as a website designer and to help contribute to his school in the best way he saw fit. He is living in Los Angeles, California with his mom. In his spare time, he likes to play games with his friends, make music and take walks.

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Riley's Photo-1.jpg

Abigail is a passionate writer whose interests cover a variety of topics. Whether it's sports, photography or politics, she's interested in it! She joined the student website so that she could become part of a group and help contribute to something that she's passionate about.

Riley is an aspiring photographer living in beautiful New Zealand. She studies the art of photography and captures her many adventures around the world on her Canon EOS Rebel T5i. Riley loves anything outdoors from rock climbing to snorkeling, to kayaking, to hiking. She joined the Sterling Academy team to share her many adventures on Sterling Academy’s Student Website and inspire others to pursue photography.

Kamryn is a Berlin based writer who decided to contribute to the student website with articles about music and its effect on people throughout time. She joined the website through expressing her interest in writing to Mr. Strodtbeck.

Kamryn's Photo.jpg

Andrea Reinhardsdottir is a student at Sterling Academy. She was born in Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice. At the age of 11, Andrea moved to Canada, leaving the only life she knew behind. With barely any knowledge of the English language, she was thrown into the deep end of a pool. Andrea put herself out there, made lifelong friends, and became fluent in English.


After eight years of living in Canada, she came home to Iceland.Through this journey, Andrea has discovered her love for travelling and learning new and exciting languages. One day she hopes to someday become a pilot, that way she could do both of the things she loves. Additionally, Andrea enjoys things like hiking, indoor cycling (spinning), and reading.


She has a great fascination with psychology and science (especially physics and astronomy). Andrea loves hiking the mountains here and exploring the beautiful sights of Iceland. Sterling Academy has helped Andrea stay in school while traveling and allowing her to do the things she loves. Andrea can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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