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The Effects of COVID-19 and Social Media on  Mental Health

People have become increasingly attached to their phones, especially since March of 2020. It used to be a fun escape, a way for people to talk to their friends. But until recently, most of our lives resolved around virtual interactions. It blurred the line between the digital world and the physical world. Many feel like they are lost in the virtual abyss of social media. Read More...


Sitting atop the tectonic plates that form North America and Eurasia, is the mysterious “Land of Fire and Ice”: Iceland. Iceland’s unique position has defined its beauty and danger from the beginning of recorded history. The plates that control its destiny cause the island to expand nearly one inch per year, this has created some of the most attractive but hazardous geologic phenomena known to the world.

Iceland’s global position has provided it countless unique wonders, among which are its constant shifts and movement. Read More..


Gene Therapy: The Slippery Slope

Since the dawn of time, the greatest applications of human intellect have been devoted to reducing or eliminating the ravages of genetic or infectious diseases through the development of medicines and vaccines.

Recent decades of this struggle that has stretched through the millennia has found that genetic therapy offers the possibility of bringing humanity its ultimate victory over a wide range of diseases.  

Genetic therapists have found that one meticulously placed edit ... Read More 

Genetic Therapy: An Unrecognized Solution

Genetic therapy and how it relates to curing the human body’s ailments have been extensively studied for the last thirty years. Although there are still many questions surrounding the technique, new answers have recently come to light regarding its application against various types of cancer.

Cancer is characterized as a devastating bodily malfunction that occurs when cells do not receive an indication from the nervous system to halt reproduction. ...Read More

Gene Therapy: The Discovery of a Millenium 

It was the early autumn of 1990. A young child named Ashanthi DeSilva was brought to the NIH Clinic in Maryland to undergo the world’s first gene therapy trial. She was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare disorder that triggered the immune cells in her body to attack healthy cells. These patients have extremely fragile and weak immune systems as the body is on a constant...Read More

The First Ever Image of a Black Hole Revealed

The first direct image of a black hole, M87, was compiled by eight radio x-ray telescopes on four different continents and released to the world on April 4th, 2019. The Event Horizon Telescope project (EHT) gathered a team of over 200 scientists operating the x-ray telescopes in Chile, Antarctica, Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, Spain, France, and Greenland to capture enough data that made an identifiable image of the supermassive black hole in the...Read More