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Student Junction

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Sterling Academy, a global private online secondary school, is starting a student-driven website focusing on the school, its students, and educational issues relevant to online secondary education. Principal J Lee Harshbarger, whose office is in Ypsilanti, Michigan, took the steps to make the website a reality after Connor Jacobsen, a freshman from Sacramento, California, expressed interest in creating one on the student chat line with the school. After Harshbarger followed up with a…Read More

Many students in Sterling Academy wonder if there is a way to get to know one another. While some students are busy completing their courses, others wonder if there is a feature that allows students to communicate. Homeroom is a feature which has been developed to provide those connections. Homeroom has one opportunity called the chat line, where students can chat live in real time with each other in the school. While students can chat at any time, the principal will…Read More

The Hour of Code

Technology is changing everything, everywhere, all over the world. From the way we communicate to the way we learn, technology is rapidly changing our world.

The Hour of Code is an exciting event that will allow students to learn the basics of coding, which can lead to an even more fruitful career in tech and other fields.

 This event will be hosted by Mr. Cory Maddox, who teaches coding here at Sterling Academy. If one wishes to learn more about this event and how to save your place, contact Mr. Maddox and he will assist you... Read More

Sterling Academy's World Language Department has become a surprising draw for students considering online learning. Among the main reasons for this attraction is Sterling’s unique selection of languages that many traditional schools have discontinued or never even offered. According to Latin teacher Claudia Heilman, “Schools are trying to cut costs by canceling extra classes outside of [the] basic curriculum. Latin teachers are also difficult to find outside of major hubsRead More

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The student website at Sterling Academy was founded by an aspiring group of Sterling Academy students in the June of 2017. Our platform has grown since then and has now become a source for student collaboration as well as for the expression of ideas


The team members of the student website team are all students at Sterling Academy. They hail from countries all over the world... Read More

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