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860 ft of column rock stood above me as I looked up at the mass that is Devil’s Tower. I recalled the many things I know about the rock. The theories of how it formed, the grand appearance on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, the sacred meanings to Native Americans, and, of course, at the back of my head, I see the faces of the many tourists... Read More

The Power of the Poker Face

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The twitch of your lip. The subtle shake of your head or a brief smile can betray your innermost thoughts, so many people have learned to develop a “poker face” to maintain control of their situations. Having a poker face can affect people in the simplest, yet most intricate, of ways and there are so many ways in which learning to execute one can become significantly beneficial in...Read More

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Religion is one of the most influential factors in culture. It provides a sense of community, teaches its followers a code of conduct, and initiates many traditions, such as the celebration of religious holidays. The Russian Orthodox Church, a traditional and strict type of Christianity, has shaped Russian culture for over 1,000 years. Even though the church suffered suppression and outright persecution throughout most of the 20th century, it is a faith...Read More

The recent developments that are raising the possibility of a united Korea might have been in development throughout the life of South Korean President Moon Jae-In, and at least for five years with Kim Jong-Un. Born into a family of North Korean refugees at a relocation center on Geoje Island, South Korea, Moon established a personal history of standing against authoritarian abuses of due process against those committed of crimes against the state. This ledRead More

Victims of bullying find themselves being intimidated and forced to feel uncomfortable by classmates, but do they ever see the signs they put out that are so tempting to bullies? When individuals learn about these factors, they can hide them and reduce the chances of falling into the hands of bullies. Bullies usually go after passive individuals; those who give into their surroundings without resistance. To clarify, bullies go after students who areRead More

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