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Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively; any individual who is sentient can experience pleasure and pain. I always hear from many so-called “animal activists” about how it is wrong to kill dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits because they communicate love through affection and can experience pain by crying or attacking. However, there is video footage of farm animals (pigs, chickens, and cows) communicating theRead More

Can you imagine a world where fathers are proper role models to their children and teach them important life lessons? Or a community in which neighbors appreciate each other in spite of their differences and rather than finding ways to humiliate other people because of their problems, everyone comes together to find a solution? There was once a world like this, where television and mainstream media broadcasted virtuous values and respectableRead More

Victims of bullying find themselves being intimidated and forced to feel uncomfortable by classmates, but do they ever see the signs they put out that are so tempting to bullies? When individuals learn about these factors, they can hide them and reduce the chances of falling into the hands of bullies. Bullies usually go after passive individuals; those who give into their surroundings without resistance. To clarify, bullies go after students who areRead More

Many best-selling Irish music artists, such as U2 and The Script, originated from their homeland and continue to perform music that many listeners hear on the radio today. This type of Ireland's renown musical heritage adds to her great beauty and strength. Every note and rhythm made through a musician’s passionate fingertips cherish and honor the rich history of the Irish. With an ever-changing world, this music stands strong and continuesRead More

The recent developments that are raising the possibility of a united Korea might have been in development throughout the life of South Korean President Moon Jae-In, and at least for five years with Kim Jong-Un. Born into a family of North Korean refugees at a relocation center on Geoje Island, South Korea, Moon established a personal history of standing against authoritarian abuses of due process against those committed of crimes against the state. This ledRead More

Russian Folk Music: Resurrecting A Culture

The roots of Eastern Europeans, especially Russians, are set in their heritage and culture that goes back even before the United States existed. This desire to exult who they have been for centuries has been displayed to the world through social media, such as YouTube, in folk music presentations that amplify the spirit of who the Russian people have been and hope to remain. Too often, Westerners have a strictly political context of Russia instead of a cultural one. This viewpoint robs Westerners of truly understanding what the Russian people...Read More

The extinction of a myriad of animal species is inevitable unless humanitarian efforts are made to counteract and prevent the travesties that affect countless endangered animals every day. Poaching and deforestation are some of the lead causes for the status of countless of the world’s endangered species. Evidently, some animal species have already felt the harsh consequences of humanity’s actions.

The African elephant is a prime example of this. African elephants are primarily poached for their ivory tusks...Read More

The speed, grace, power, and athleticism that can be observed at every hockey game qualifies this sport as a true gem that too often escapes the consciousness of too many sports fans. Within the game, there are many things that draw you in and keep you watching for years to come.  
Hockey is unique but shares similarities with other sports such as baseball. For instance, a pitch in a major league baseball game can reach 100 miles per hour, or just under...Read More

Religion is one of the most influential factors in culture. It provides a sense of community, teaches its followers a code of conduct, and initiates many traditions, such as the celebration of religious holidays. The Russian Orthodox Church, a traditional and strict type of Christianity, has shaped Russian culture for over 1,000 years. Even though the church suffered suppression and outright persecution throughout most of the 20th century, it is a faith...Read More

Off the coast of Indonesia, there lies an island called Sumatra. Its vast labyrinth of jungles harbors the rare Sumatran rhinoceros as well as the Sumatran tiger.  While indigenous tribes call the Sumatran rainforests home, palm oil manufacturers call the rainforests theirs to plunder. Deforestation would destroy the lifeline and vitality of the Sumatran rainforests that both man and beast have come to rely on for centuries. For years, Sumatra...Read More

Just as the British Invasion molded the rock music culture through radio during the 1960s, social media is having the same impact on the world by allowing a focus on heretofore overlooked cultural phenomena. One such genre is K-pop. 
K-pop, or Korean Pop, has been the beneficiary of the resurrection of the Korean economy after the Asian Swoon of the late 1990s.  As the Pacific Rim countries...Read More

The Power of the Poker Face

The twitch of your lip. The subtle shake of your head or a brief smile can betray your innermost thoughts, so many people have learned to develop a “poker face” to maintain control of their situations. Having a poker face can affect people in the simplest, yet most intricate, of ways and there are so many ways in which learning to execute one can become significantly beneficial in...Read More

The First Ever Image of a Black Hole Revealed

The first direct image of a black hole, M87, was compiled by eight radio x-ray telescopes on four different continents and released to the world on April 4th, 2019. The Event Horizon Telescope project (EHT) gathered a team of over 200 scientists operating the x-ray telescopes in Chile, Antarctica, Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, Spain, France, and Greenland to capture enough data that made an identifiable image of the supermassive black hole in the...Read More

Gene Therapy: The Discovery of a Millenium 

It was the early autumn of 1990. A young child named Ashanthi DeSilva was brought to the NIH Clinic in Maryland to undergo the world’s first gene therapy trial. She was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare disorder that triggered the immune cells in her body to attack healthy cells. These patients have extremely fragile and weak immune systems as the body is on a constant...Read More

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Underground Techno Scene's Effect on the People

The collapses of communism, and subsequently, the Berlin Wall are icons of the political upheavals that mark the 20th century, but in reality, the roots of that upheaval were planted in a techno pop cultural desire for individual freedom.


Techno pop is a type of electronic stylized music that was rapidly growing in popularity around the world in the 70s and 80s and was already considered a subculture in Berlin. As the Berlin Wall was demolished, young people took their newfound freedom to unite through electronic techno music and carefree lifestyle... Read More

Self Defense = Self Awareness

The first rule of self–defense, which is taught in martial arts, such as Taekwondo, is to avoid the need for self–defense. By learning common awareness and diffusion tactics, practitioners will find avoiding confrontation all the easier.


Self–defense should be treated like using tools in a woodshop; you would not use a saw to cut a piece of paper, and self–defense is not used until lives are on the line. If caught in a situation where someone seems hostile, attempt to diffuse the situation before taking physical action... Read More