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The extinction of a myriad of animal species is inevitable unless humanitarian efforts are made to counteract and prevent the travesties that affect countless endangered animals every day. Poaching and deforestation are some of the lead causes for the status of countless of the world’s endangered species. Evidently, some animal species have already felt the harsh consequences of humanity’s actions.

The African elephant is a prime example of this. African elephants are primarily poached for their ivory tusks...Read More


Off the coast of Indonesia, there lies an island called Sumatra. Its vast labyrinth of jungles harbors the rare Sumatran rhinoceros as well as the Sumatran tiger.  While indigenous tribes call the Sumatran rainforests home, palm oil manufacturers call the rainforests theirs to plunder. Deforestation would destroy the lifeline and vitality of the Sumatran rainforests that both man and beast have come to rely on for centuries. For years, Sumatra...Read More

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