In the world of online schooling and remote-schooling, it can be easy to fall off track with your courses and assignments; it takes much self-discipline to succeed. Having control in your life and school is essential to flourishing in the new environment. It is essential to make your own goals and deadlines. To do that, you can make two types of goals: long term and short term. Your... Read More


Many high school students across the country and the world are actively contemplating the pursuit of a college education. As the world has undoubtedly changed, so have the ways that prospective college freshmen think about college. Dr. Weider, a professor at Liberty University, explains his perspective. “High schoolers tend to think that college will be exactly like high school, only a little harder. Or if they get all As in high school, they... Read More

Many individuals worldwide associate the word “revolution” with somber, if noble, connotations, such as the upheaval of tyrannies and bloodshed for a greater cause. However, bloodless changes of extreme importance exist. These revolutions are subtle yet powerful, trending around the globe and challenging long-accepted status quo.

The emergence of the Internet influenced nearly every aspect of... Read More

Many students in today’s world seek scholarships that will not only pay for their tuition plus room and board but also a scholarship that will allow them to develop and engage in their personal interests. Some of the more recognized talents are in the art world. The YoungArts’ National Arts Competition awards a scholarship up to $10,000 to the winning high schooler in a variety of artistic disciplines. Another scholarship for art inclined students is...Read More

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) helps students prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The PSAT and SAT tests are similar in format with Reading, Writing, and Language sections, but the PSAT is 2 hours and 45 minutes in duration, whereas the SAT is 3 hours in duration. An additional version of the PSAT for eighth and ninth graders is 2 hours and 25 minutes and has 120 questions…Read More

3D printing is the action of making a physical object by melting plastic or filament to produce jewelry, shoes, dentures, prosthetics, and cars. This high-tech process is changing various industries and how people are learning to engineer products more efficiently. Although a wide range of materials can be used in 3D printers such as plastic, metal, and wood, plastic tends to be the most commonly-used material. First, 3D printers heat up plastic filaments into a more…Read More

College Board has officially set the ACT/SAT testing schedule for the current 2020-21 school year.

The available testing dates for the SAT range from August 29th 2020 to June 5th 2021. Additionally, the available testing dates for the ACT range from September 12th 2020 to July 17th 2021.The SAT without any essay will have a $52 dollar fee, and the SAT with... Read More

Across the nation, students are being troubled by school schedules, safety issues, limited class choices, and mandatory state testing. My parents chose to take control of my education

and get away from these above-mentioned problems by enrolling me into Sterling Academy. The main two reasons why my parents chose to enroll me into Sterling Academy are the flexibility of my schedule and opting out of mandatory state testing. My parents found the…Read More