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The Social Capabilities of Homeroom


By: Leona Kim

November 9, 2017

Many students in Sterling Academy wonder if there is a way to get to know one another. While some students are busy completing their courses, others wonder if there is a feature that allows students to communicate. Homeroom is a feature which has been developed to provide those connections. Homeroom has one opportunity called the chat line, where students can chat live in real time with each other in the school. While students can chat at any time, the principal will sometimes schedule a one-hour live chat party and chooses a student who will lead the entire chat. During the chat, students can discuss any topic such as school courses, dream careers, popular culture, and much more. The student leader must ensure students remain polite, respectful, and kind to each other throughout the chat.

Another opportunity in Homeroom is the Discussion board. This area is where students can create their own posts; these posts can be vacation pictures, fun surveys/quizzes, post any questions for any responses, or post what is on a student’s mind. When students post, they can see threaded replies or any likes. For example, one student has frequently posted field trip pictures from different U.S. states. Another student has posted pop quiz simulations where she asked questions and invited students to answer through expository, informative, or persuasive prompts. The purpose of Homeroom, according to Mr. Harshbarger, is giving “a chance for [students] to get to know and support each other.” If students disagree on a certain topic, they must remain calm, polite, and respectful in their disagreements. Homeroom is the perfect course for students to become a community where anyone can chat and express their thoughts.


*NOTE: All links are only accessible to Sterling Academy students.

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